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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  August 8, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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to work need to have the help of the rest of us. but those who can work ought to have the opportunity for a good job and if they're getting state assistance, they ought to have the requirement for a good job. we will end a culture of dependency and restore a culture of good, hard work. >> last night, former president bill clinton released a statement calling the romney ad not true and he also said, "the romney ad is especially disappointing because as governor of massachusetts, he requested changes in the welfare reform laws that could have eliminated time limits altogether. we need a bipartisan consensus to continue to help people move from welfare to work during hard times, not more misleading campaign ads." yesterday white house press secretary jim carney said waivers would be revoked if states fail to meet certain conditions. >> from a policy standpoint, let me say that this advertisement
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is categorically false and it is blatantly dishonest. this administration's policy will strengthen the program by giving states the opportunity to employ more effective ways to help people get off welfare and into a job. the ad is particularly outrageous as governor romney himself, with 28 other republican governors, supported policies that would have eliminated the time limits in the welfare reform law and allowed people to stay on welfare forever. >> jay carney said it was the republican governors of utah and nevada who had originally requested the waiver policy. the pro-obama super pac priorities usa action is continuing the focus on romney's record at bain capital. it will be airing this ad as part of a $20 million campaign attacking romney's battleground in private equity. take a look. >> when mitt romney and bain closed the plan i lost my health care. and my family lost their health
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care. and a short time after that, my wife became ill. i don't know how long she was sick. and i think maybe she didn't say anything because she knew that we couldn't afford the insurance. and then one day, she became ill. and then i took her up to the jackson county hospital. and admitted her for pneumonia. that's when they found the cancer. by then it was stage iv. there was nothing they could do for her. and she passed away in 22 days. i do not think mitt romney realizes what he's done to anyone. and furthermore, i do not think mitt romney is concerned. >> priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> if the man in that ad looks familiar it's because he also starred in a separate obama campaign ad in maine that focused on bain capital's closure of steel plants in kansas city. cia director david petraeus is shutting down rumors he might
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be romney's running mate. the spokesperson for petraeus says he feels privileged to serve the country in his current position and will not seek elected office. republicans in missouri have selected their candidate to face off against senator clair mccaskill come november. todd akin edged out businessman john brunner and sarah steelman, who was backed by sarah palin. akin highlighted his conservative credentials, a distinction senator mccaskill hopes to use to her advantage.n million on ads portraying akin far to the right. hoping it would alienate moderates in the general election. the missouri race is one of several key battles that will help determine control of isn't that senate. in syria secretary of state hillary clinton is suggesting collapse of president assad's regime is just a matter of time. she says the fall of the
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government there is not a question if, but of when. >> the intensity of the fighting in aleppo, the defections, really point out how imperative it is that we come together and work toward a good transition plan. i do think we can begin talking about and planning for what happens next the day after the regime does fall. i'm not going to put a timeline on it. i can't possibly predict it. but i know it's going to happen, as does the most -- most observers around the world. >> secretary clinton said it's important for a post-assad plan to be in place and make sure syria's basic institutions like the military remain intact in order to remain -- or maintain order and avoid sectarian warfare. as the syrian government continues to fight rebels in the city of aleppo president assad is picking up support from a
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ring regional ally, iran. assad appeared on tv meeting with a senior iranian official. the man accused of a deadly shooting rampage in tucson, arizona, nearly killing congressman giffords changed his plea to guilty. a judge ruled 22-year-old jared lauger in is competent and understands the charges against him meaning he will be spared the death penalty and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. this deal avoids a potentially long and costly trial and the risk of loughner being found not guilty by reason of insanity. after yesterday's plea deal mark kelly, husband of gabby giffords, said "we don't speak for all victims and families but gabby and i satisfied with this agreement. the pain and loss caused by the events of january 8, 2011, are inca incalculable. avoiding a trial will allow us
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to continue with our recovery and move forward with our lives." the shooting spree left 16 dead and 13 others injured. still ahead, coming up, in olympic action team usa serving up an epic finale for women's beach volleyball. back again live from london to preview an all-american gold medal match. secretary of state hillary clinton outdoes herself on the dance floor in south africa. we look back at some of the best moves she's displayed the past three years. we give you a check on weather when "way too early" comes back. >> i shall resign the presidency effective at noon tomorrow. vice president gore will be sworn in as president at that hour in this office. [ female announcer ] how do you define your moment?
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all right, welcome back, everybody. we bring you back with a live shot looking there at olympic stadium in london. they have beautiful blue, cloudy skies and great weather for the olympics so far. we're going to check in with nbc meteorologist bill karens to fill us in. ernesto still the talk? >> hurricane landfall last night, southern portions of mexico on the yucatan. doesn't look like there was too much devastation. it tried to intensify before landfall. winds at 85 miles per hour at landfall, now down to 70, back to tropical storm status. looks like it's going to skirt the southern portions of the gulf of mexico and the mexican coastline probably over the next two days. shouldn't do too much damage from here. the good news, this is wa we've been waiting for for so long in the northern plains, through the ohio valley, we got some cool airheading your way and some rainy weather heading your way. this is where the drought really started this season was in indiana, illinois, and through iowa. that's where the rain is going to be over the next couple of
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days. not so much for oklahoma and texas. this morning we're waking up to cloudy skies and showers across iowa. so that's a good start. of course, it's too late for a lot of the corn crops. but we need to still get the water into the soil once again. further to the north there's more where this came from. much of minnesota has rain. down through fargo, we're getting rain. st. cloud, minneapolis. minnesota, that rain is going to head possibly to illinois, even indiana later today, so that's great. forecast for the northeast, one more very warm day. humidity's beginning to increase. thunderstorm chances pretty much from thursday through saturday. warm and humid air spreading up the eastern seaboard. today looks like a dry day, airports no problem at all. southeast drier today than yesterday. and look at those temperatures. i told you it's cooler. 77, that's it today in minneapolis. chicago only 84. all the hot air is from denver to billings back out west. look at phoenix. now you're getting into your hot weather as expected, 113. thomas, i'll leave you with the
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forecast for st. louis. one of the hottest, driest places in the country. by the time they get to friday, everyone is going to be outside. air conditioning off, high of only 82 degrees. they've been in the 90s or 100s all summer. >> they deserve it. they deserve a little break. thank you so much. we'll go back to willie live for us in london with highlights from the summer olympics. aly raisman, she had a redemption on the floor, huh? >> reporter: she absolutely did. she leaves here the most-decorated individual women's gymnast. she took gold last night in the floor exercise. becoming the first american, believe it or not, ever to win gold on the floor. three medals all together, two of them gold, the other one came in the team competition. and a bronze as well on the beam last night. what you have to love about the floor performance, her song, "havana gila." gabby douglas didn't do as well but she leaves a champion, individual, all-around, also the
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team, a couple of gold medals. rick and lynn, parents of aly raisman, have become international celebrities for their camera reactions, the way they watch their daughters perform. he keeps standing up, the guy behind him is furious, he's telling him down in front. rick ignores him as any good dad should, cheering on his daughter aly to gold. beach volleyball, misty may-treanor and kerri walsh jennings looking for their third consecutive gold medal in beach volleyball and they're in the gold medal match. they beat a chinese pair yesterday. this will be their last olympics they've said and they want to go out on top the best beach volleyball duo in the world. in a bit of an upset, jen kessy and april ross upset a brazilian team yesterday. that means tonight at horse guards parade where they've dumped 5,000 tons of sand for beach volleyball, an all-american final, should be exciting tonight. back on the track, lolo
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jones, remember big disappointment in beijing, she was winning the 100 meter hurdles in beijing and clipped the second to last one, finished in seventh. she's been waiting four years to get redemption. and did not get it. lolo jones finishing in fourth place, just off the medal podium. more disappointment for her. she does say she's going to try to come back for real, she said, "i am crushed." difficult video to show you here. if you've got kids maybe you want to move them away. this is german weight lifter may tie yas steiner trying to lift 432 pounds and he drops it on his neck. we can show you this in good conscience because, believe it or not, he's okay. 432 pounds, he was taken to the hospital for an x-ray. somehow, some way, he was okay after dropping that weight on his own neck. as of the end of competition tuesday, china and the united states pull ahead of the pack in the medal count, china leading the u.s. with 34 golds to u.s.'s
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30. 73 total medals, 70 for the united states. look at great britain. 48 total medals. they are on fire here. now 22 gold. and they are pumped about that here. tonight in primetime on nbc, you can watch that all-american beach volleyball final between two-time defending gold medalists misty may-treanor and kerri walsh jennings and first-time olympians who upset the brazilians april ross and jennifer kessy. a trio of american stars, sanya richards-ross already with a gold medal goes with allyson felix and carmelita jeter in the women's 200 meter. earlier in the evening on the nbc sports network catch the dream team taking on australia in the first game of the single elimination knockout round. so that's the story from here in london. thomas, for you, it's hump day. only a couple more days of waking up in the darkness of night. >> i'm just getting used to it. i'm starting to get used to it,
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my body clock is shutting down by 7:30 at night. >> welcome to my world. >> kerri and misty, have you had a chance to see them play? because they are playing better than ever. >> i have not. i haven't been over there in person, i've been watching on tv. i'm trying to get over there, it's going to be one of the toughest tickets of the olympics. first of all because it's such a cool place. it's in this atmosphere that's hundreds and hundreds of years old. they're playing california-style beach volleyball. also because they're the very best in the world. misty may-treanor and kerri walsh jennings. and this will be their last match ever together tonight, you don't want to miss it. >> no, you don't. we'll get caught up on sports at home with the u.s. nationals and astros needing extra innings last night. tied 2-2 top of the 12th, runner on third for danny espinoza, he sneaks a grounder through to score the go-ahead run for the nationals. astros get runners on in the bottom of the inning. wallace deep into the gap. somehow bernadina gets there, hauls it in to save the game for
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nationals. this worth another look. bernadina comes flying in. he crashes into the wall to preserve that victory for the nationals. they win 3-2. the other beltway team, the orio orioles, played extra innings at camden yards. bottom of the seventh, orioles trailing by three until hardy hits a shot over the left field wall to tie the game 7-7. same score in the bottom of the 14th. adam jones up with bases loaded. he delivers a base knock to the right field to bring hope the winning run. orioles walk off with the 8-7 win. they remain tied with oakland for that second a.l. wild card spot. yankees' third base man eric chavez has been in the majors for 14 years but that didn't stop him from violating one of the cardinal rules in little league, firing the ball at his own pitcher without making sure the pitcher was looking. he'd shake it off, continue to pitch, despite getting clocked by that wayward throw. coming up on "morning joe," brand-new polling shows how
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president obama and mitt romney stack up in key battleground states. the "morning joe" crew is going to break down those numbers, including what working-class voters are saying about this election. when we come back we have a round the water cooler talk of secretary clinton raising the bar when it comes to diplomatic dancing when "way too early" dances back into your homes. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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we told you earlier in the show great britain has vaulted into third place in the medal count. 22 gold medals and a total of 48. if you want to sound smart today tell your friends great britain's highest gold medal tally in the summer licks came in 1908 when they hosted the games and won 56 gold medals. the only other time they hosted the summer olympics prior to this, 1948. they came away with just three gold medals. time to gather round the water cooler to watch secretary of state hillary clinton get her groove on in south africa and it's worth it. america's top diplomat showed off her moves at a dinner in johannesburg. as you can see she starts off modest. shuffle step. before really letting loose. it's not the first time secretary clinton cut a rug on her 11-day tour of africa. kind of grinding there. on sunday she joined local farmers in malawi,106th
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country she visited as secretary of state. she visited businesses that help local women provide for they are families. the first lady was at it again in kenya, dance to raise the roof. in '09, she seemed a little more reserved here, just got low, didn't really raise the roof, head bob going there. she looks good. she's got the moves, she can hold her own. back to the olympics where stephen colbert weighs in on those who have criticized the u.s. squad for not featuring enough flair on their uniforms. >> where's the american exceptionalism? those cheering fans and those athletes who've dedicated their lives to represent american, standing on the podium with hands over their hearts fighting tears while the u.s. flag ascends to rafters and our national anthem echoes
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throughout the arena just don't seem that into it. would it kill you to give that flag patch a flag pin? and you, gabby douglas, america's sweetheart. the devil's magenta? you know who else wore purple? hitler. it's true. you don't see that because it's in black and white most of the time. i mean, where is the patriotism? sure, after the race, 400 meter gold medalist sanya richards-ross ran around with the flag over her shoulders. but if she really loved america she would have carried it during the race. and yes, bronze medalist dee dee trotter had red, white and blue glitter on her face. but that washes off. it should be something permanent. like a face tat of reagan's face. >> the runners could use flags as capes. that could be good as they're doing the rounds.
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all right, so at the top of the show we asked you why you are awake. producer john tower has your answers. >> ashley on twitter writes, i'm getting my groove on the treadmill while watching hillary clinton get her groove on in south africa. >> who doesn't like to watch the secretary of state get her groove on to inspire your own groove? let's show it to you again as we all try to groove through this hump day together. there she is showing her moves right there. and she's got them. look at her, hands up, hair pulled back. she doesn't need to let her hair down to let her hair down. john, thanks. "morning joe" starts right now. we've been watching the president say a lot of things about me and about my policies. and they're just not right. and if i were to coin a term it would be obamaloney. it's -- he's serving up a dish
5:58 am
which is simply in contradiction of the truth and it relates to everything from how i'm going to help the middle class to tax policy. he's simply saying things that are not accurate. >> why, thank you. >> good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, august 8th, on a summer morning. look at that pretty shot of capitol hill. welcome to "morning joe." we have political editor and white house correspondent for "the huffington post" sam stein with us, msnbc political analyst and former chairman of the republican national committee, michael steele, and nbc chief foreign affairs correspondent and host of "andrea mitchell reports," andrea mitchell. and in new york, we have msnbc and "time" magazine -- >> we do not. >> yeah, we do. >> no, we don't. >> that is just obamaloney. there's no way we have him. >> mark halperin with us. also at the london olympics, willie geist. >> we have him too. >> yeah, we do.
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>> i'm feeling so selfish. i feel like romneyhood. >> okay. >> i mean seriously. willie, david brooks, this past week, wrote a column talking about what a stupid campaign this is. mika a few weeks ago was saying it's a seinfeld campaign, campaign about nothing. >> evan thomas said it was pathetic. >> evan thomas, a guy we all like and respect and has been covering these, said these campaigns are pathetic. and i mean seriously. romneyhood, obamaloney? is this like fourth grade student council? these guys are jokes. >> i was listening to that sound bite coming in obamaloney, obamaloney, and i turned to dana our producer and i said i think we're just going to stay here. i can't come back into that. if it's even worse from a distance. >> it doesn't work. i mean -- a lot more exciting just to try to work the zip wire with boris johnson, the mayor of london. this really is


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